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JHN 029 - Microscope Camera

There is a Spot Insight camera mounted to a microscope next to computer #7 that is capable of capturing 2MB images. If you are looking for directions on using the Sony A7 DLSR camera instead see here.

Capturing Images

  1. Remove the dust cover
  2. Turn on the microscope (right side of base) and camera (top, next to the cables)
  3. Open the viewer to Camera mode or Eye and Camera mode (near eyepiece mount, right hand side)
  4. Open the SPOT software from the desktop
  5. Adjust the focus and slide on the microscope until you can see what you are hoping to capture in the Live Image window
  6. In the SPOT window click the Camera button to capture a single image (more advanced options are available via the menu)
  7. Click the Disk icon to save the image
  8. Once you have captured all of your images close the SPOT software
  9. Turn off the microscope and camera
  10. Replace the dust cover
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