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JHN 029 - Large Format Scanner

There is a Contex Chameleon G600 Wide Format Scanner installed in JHN 029 that is capable of scanning documents up to 72"x120". The scanner is attached to computer #7. As with other feeder style scanners it works best of flat or rolled up media. Do not insert wrinkled, folded, or crinkled documents as they may be torn.

Scanning - Flatbed

  1. Remove the dust cover by sliding it up and towards the wall
  2. Turn on the scanner by pushing the power button (') (the light will go from red to green)
  3. Adjust the magnetic guides to the proper size for your media
  4. Gently insert your media into the scanner as far as it will go then push the triangle button pointed towards the door until your media catches
  5. Click the Start Menu and select "Devices and Printers" on computer #7
  6. Right+Click the "Contex Scanner IEEE 1394 SBP2 Device"
  7. Click "Start Scan"
  8. You may change the setting to suit your needs
    • Profile can be "Use last settings" if you are making multiple scans, otherwise it can be ignored
    • Source should be Flatbed
    • Only select color if the media is in color; otherwise Black and White or Grayscale will prevent artificial coloring
    • File type can be whatever format you prefer
    • Resolution (DPI) can be up to 1200x1200
    • Brightness & Contrast can normally be ignored but you can tweak them if needed
  9. Click Preview to verify that your settings are correct. You may also use the white squares in the Preview to crop away white space as needed (otherwise you can use an image editing program like
  10. Click Scan to save the image
  11. A new window will appear (look for a blinking icon on the task bar if you don't see it) titled "Import Pictures and Videos"
  12. You may change the "Import settings" if you like, but otherwise you can just click Import.
  13. A new window window will appear with all images scanned the same day. If you lose this folder you can find it again by clicking Start and selecting "Pictures" then going to the correct date (YYYY-MM-DD format).
  14. Once you are done turn off the scanner by pushing the power button (light will go from green to red).
  15. Replace the dust cover
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