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Video Conferencing - General Notes

Video conferencing is becoming more and more common and both the UW's and Department's infrastructure is adapting to support it. The Chair's Conference Room has been setup for video conferencing (see JHN 070K) and UW has a number of software options available.

General Notes

  • Always use a wired internet connection when possible
  • Verify your lighting, especially when using a laptop webcam
  • Verify your audio, especially when using a laptop microphone
  • If possible test out your video conferencing software beforehand

Skype for Business

Current faculty, students, and staff members may use their UW email for Skype for Business. This allows you to connect to other Skype users for video conferencing and is available for both Windows and Mac computers. For UW owned equipment Skype for Business is included in the campus Office installation. For personal equipment the software can be downloaded directly from Microsoft's website.


UW has a subscription option for Zoom for $48 annually (as of 2017-10-16). Zoom is FERPA and HIPPA compliant and has been described as very easy to use. More information about UW Zoom can be found here:

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