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MatLab is available for purchase from UWIT and is installed in JHN 021, JHN 029, and JHN 366. The UW license comes with 60 toolboxes and you can find the current list here. CompHelp can assist with installation and activation issues but not with scripting or performance issues.


There are two options available for purchase; a student license and a faculty/staff/UW equipment license. Licenses currently cost $30 for student licenses and $60 for faculty/staff/UW equipment licenses (as of 7/1/17). Licenses expire annually on June 30th and the cost is not prorated. The 3rd type of license is primarily for computer labs and is purchased at the department level rather than individual user level.

Student License

Student licenses must be purchased using their own credit card and can only be installed on personally owned devices. More information can be found here and the software can be purchased from OnTheHub (an external vendor UW partners with).

Faculty/Staff/UW Equipment License

This is by far the more common license purchased. If this is your first time purchasing MatLab from UW you should visit OnTheHub so that your UW NetID gets registered (just loading the page is enough). CompHelp manages the orders so to request a license you should send us an email with the following information (multiple orders in a single email is fine):

  • Name of primary user or installer
  • UW NetID of primary user or installer
  • Budget #

Once the order is placed you should be able to retrieve your activation key from the OnTheHub account overview and activate your software following UWIT's instruction sheet

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