Adobe software is primarily a subscription model but certain programs are still available as perpetual purchases. The process for ordering the subscription (Creative Cloud) changed drastically in Summer 2017 and is now managed centrally by UWIT.

Perpetual Acrobat or Photoshop/Premiere Elements

The UW Bookstore sells perpetual licenses for Acrobat Professional ($120 as of 7/1/2017) and Photoshop/Premiere Elements 14 ($80 as of 7/1/2017). The UW Bookstore does not accept budget numbers so a Purchase Request will need to be filled out and submitted to Eunice. Current offerings and pricing can be found on the Bookstore's website under "The Tech Center" ⇒ "Software" ⇒ "Academic Price Sheet".

Subscription Adobe Creative Cloud

UWIT now manages Adobe Creative Cloud purchases directly. All licenses rollover July 1st each year and costs are prorated depending on the month you purchase them. They have both single application licenses as well as Creative Cloud licenses which covers all current Adobe software. Licenses are purchased by sending UWIT an email in their requested format (bottom of this page). The department portion of the requested email is below. Please note they also have a spreadsheet if you purchasing multiple licenses at once which can be useful for bulk renewals.

  • Budget Contact: Scott Dakins,
  • Budget Contact Mailstop: Box 351310
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