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Husky OnNet VPN

The Husky OnNet VPN is a UW provided VPN service. It enables off-campus computers to largely act like they are on-campus and will provide remote access to most on-campus services. There are some important limitations however: some services are blocked, some of our servers don't allow generic on-campus access and thus will now work with Husky OnNet, and connections are limited to 72 hours. Additionally it will only work with WIndows and Mac OSX; UW does hope to offer iOS, Android, and Linux capability in the future.


Setup and usage instructions are available at:

Example Uses

  • Connecting to the U-Drive as a Samba share (like the computer labs)
  • Accessing machines on the P172 network
  • Reactivating campus software for machines that spend extended time off-campus (ie Office)
  • Some software that depends on network licenses (some restrict the IP's able to access it so Husky OnNet won't work)
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