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Report All Errors

All errors should be reported to Lauren. The copiers are under contract and if the errors are not reported we can't request a replacement for troublesome machines since as far as they are concerned they are working fine unless reported.

General Troubleshooting

If you are not comfortable with doing this level of troubleshooting contact Ed or Nathan, we are always willing to take a look.

  • Open the feeder tray and look for any jammed papers. If you find them remove them carefully.
  • Open up the front door. One-by-one lift up or twist the green levers, look for jammed pages, then reset them. It is important you do it one-by-one as the door won't close unless they are all reset to their original positions. WARNING: Pay Attention to the Heat Warnings, the fuser will burn/blister skin.
  • If it is still jamming let Ed and Nathan know; we can use an air can to remove the smaller fragments that occasionally cause repeated jamming.

Scan to Email Troubleshooting

  • Make sure your address is entered correctly
  • If it is a large job try breaking it up into smaller pieces; most email clients have a 25MB limit
  • As a fine troubleshooting step you (or Ed/Nathan if you are uncomfortable with this step) can turn off the copier, unplug the network switch, wait a few seconds, then turn both the copier and network switch back on. Basically sometimes it loses its network connection and it has to be reset.
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