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ESS Computer Labs

ESS maintains two computer labs for courses to use - JHN 021 and JHN 366. Both labs use Dell Optiplex 9020s with JHN 021 having 31 stations with dual monitors and JHN 366 having 24 stations with single widescreen monitors. They use an identical image so barring special requests they will have identical setups. Neither computer lab supports printing.


The computer labs are typically open 8:00 am - 6:00 pm on weekdays and closed on holidays or weekends. Access outside of these times can be arranged for ESS students using their Husky Card. To request access please visit JHN 070 during regular business hours.

Acceptable Use

ESS computer labs are for academic usage and users are expected to abide by the Student Conduct Code, UW Appropiate Use Guidelines, and any other relavlent guidelines. Use of the labs are restricted to ESS majors or students in ESS courses; outside use of the computer labs is prohibited except by permission of the Chair.


Students are encouraged to make use of the U-Drive or make other arrangements to store their data. The student portions of the computer are wiped weekly. Additionally there is no guarantee that a computer won't need to be reimaged or that someone else won't accidentally delete files so you should never assume files left on the computer will still be available once you return.

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