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ESS Computer Labs - FAQ's


  • Who can access the computer labs?
    Any ESS major or student in an ESS course may use the computer labs for course work.
  • Who do I talk to about after hours access?
    Please visit Lauren in the main office (JHN 070) to request after hours access.


  • Can I save stuff locally? Will it still be there when I get back?
    You can save stuff locally temporarily but keep in mind that the machines are cleaned up automatically every Sunday. Additionally anything you save can be overwritten or removed by anyone using that computer so there is no guarantee your work will still be there the next time you use the computer. We strongly encourage you to save your work elsewhere, preferably in multiple places.
  • Where are some good places to save my work?
    There is a desktop shortcut to automatically mount the U-Drive which is a 30GB space that is provided and backed up by UWIT. Other additional places you can save your files to are the UW Google Drive (unlimited space), UW OneDrive (1TB space), as well as external thumb drives and hard drives. For anything critical we recommend multiple copies in multiple places.
  • I get an access denied error when trying to save to a location. Why is that?
    A lot of the disk space on the lab computers are locked down; typically you should be saving to the D drive, most likely in one of the D:\D--Geo-User folders.


  • Can I print?
    Printing in the computer labs is not supported at this time. Graduate students may use one of the departmental network printers while undergraduate students should visit Odegaard for their printing needs (more info at
  • I need software installed for my course work, how do I request it?
    Software installation requests may only come from instructors.
  • I need help using some installed software, who do I talk to?
    You should talk to your instructor. CompHelp support is limited to making sure the software is setup correctly and starts.
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