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ESS Computer Labs - CCRFS

The Computer Classroom File Share (CCRFS) is a network drive that is automatically mounted by all of our lab computers and is a way for instructors to make datasets and files available for their courses. Most of CCRFS is read-only for students and instructors are typically provided with a course specific folder that they may add things to.

Student Information

CCRFS should be automatically mounted but if for some reason it isn't you can trivially remount it by clicking the "24 ESS mount Z geo-user CCRFS.bat" link on your desktop. By default the drive will map as Z:\ and you should be able to find any files for your courses in the ESS###--READ-ONLY folders. There is also some limited space to store items (for example if you are moving to the other computer lab between courses) but you should keep in mind that this space is not backed up and that other students may accidentally overwrite or remove your files.

Instructor Information

If you would like to make files or datasets available for your course please contact CompHelp before the quarter begins. Please note that both CCRFS and especially the lab computers have limited space that must be shared among all of the courses. If you are expecting your students to generate multiple GBs of data you should encourage them to invest in flash drives (128GB for ~$25) or external hard drives (1TB for ~$60) and to make multiple copies of their data. Student space on the lab computers is wiped weekly so for any long term work it will need to be stored elsewhere.

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