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ESS Department Equipment Checkout: Laptops

The department has four laptops available for checkout. There are two Windows 7 laptops and two Mac OSX laptops (10.7.5 and 10.12). The computers use the department's standard geo-user account that is present in our computer labs. You are strongly encouraged to test out any desired functionality before you actually need it; we cannot give out administrator access so if something does need installing or updating we need to know beforehand. The laptops come with basic browsers and MS Office as well as other standard utility software.

Checkout Guidelines

  • You can reserve and checkout laptops through the Main Office
  • Checkouts are to be short in duration; we only have 4 laptops for the entire department
  • Administrator access will not be given out; test functionality beforehand!
  • Laptops are periodically updated and cleaned up; make sure you backup your files
  • Please make sure you return all accessories when returning the laptop; a checklist will be on the laptop bag.
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