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UW Email - Setup and Expectations

All official department email will only be sent to your email accounts with rare exceptions (primarily affiliate and adjunct faculty who may not have a account). Likewise CompHelp support is limited to the 3 UW email providers (Deskmail, UW Gmail, UW Outlook) and we strongly discourage forwarding your UW email to external services. We are happy to help you setup your account with any of the 3 UW email providers and also support setting up a limited number of clients (Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Android stock app, iOS stock app). All three UW email providers do support standard IMAP clients so you should be able to set it up in any standard client, but the listed clients are the only ones we have tested and officially support. You can find the setup information in the Deskmail, UW Gmail, and UW Outlook sections.

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