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Backup Solutions: Time Machine

Time Machine is a software backup solution available to Mac OSX users. We highly recommend it as it is very easy to setup and use and can help you easily restore or recover should a hard drive have issues.


  1. Connect the external hard drive you wish to back store your Time Machine backups on
  2. Open up Time Machine from System Preferences
  3. Click Select Disk
  4. Select the disk you wish to back up to and click Use Disk
  5. You should be all set. You can check the progress of your backup by clicking the Time Machine icon (looks like a clock)

Tips and Tricks

  • You can start a manual backup at any time by clicking the Time Machine icon and selecting "Back up now"
  • You should exclude the Time Machine backup from your virus scanner as both will try to enforce exclusive locks on files which can prevent both from functioning properly. For Sophos this can be done by :
    1. Click the Sophos icon
    2. Select Open Preferences
    3. Click the On-Access tab
    4. Click Excluded Items
    5. Click Choose (if it is greyed out click the lock icon first)
    6. Click the Time Machine disk on the lefthand side
    7. Click Backups.backupdb
    8. Click Choose
  • Having multiple Time Machine disks won't cause problem and is encouraged for laptop users who use their laptops at work and home so that you can run backups in both locations
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