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Backup Solutions: Google Drive - Backup and Sync

Google Drive - Backup and Sync is a utility from Google that allows you to set selected folders to backup automatically to your Google Drive. This can be useful for automatically backing up key folders without needing to schedule or remember to start any processes.

Setup and Installation

  1. Download Google Drive - Backup and Sync from
  2. Open the downloaded file and go through the installation prompt
  3. Restart your computer if prompted to do so
  4. Start Google Drive - Backup and Sync (Under Backup and Sync for Windows users, Applications for Mac users)
  5. Go through the setup process.
  6. Make sure you login as your UW account; private accounts do not have unlimited storage and are not covered by FERPAA
  7. Select which folders you wish to backup automatically
  8. If you have >200GB in your Google Drive folder you should consider disabling Sync; large folders have a tendency to crash the program if Sync is enabled
  9. Click Start, the backup should begin almost immediately
  10. Click the Cloud icon in your status bar
  11. Click Preferences
  12. Click Settings
  13. Verify that "Open Backup and Sync on system startup" is enabled if you would like it to restart itself on reboots
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